The explosion of interconnected web and mobile applications has been driven by the rise of Application Programming Interface (API) development. APIs act as a software-to-software interfaces allowing applications to interact with single page web applications and mobile applications.

We are constantly developing APIs and have significant experience with providing and consuming APIs regardless of the protocol used. We offer well architected and designed APIs that include secure authentication and ensure best performance for your applications. As part of the API Development, we can help you with the following services

  • Microservice Development – Help design and build application based on Microservices architecture or help migrate an existing monolithic application to Microservices architecture
  • Private / Public API Development – Offers a better way to connect risk and controls with processes and keep them in sync with your organization‘s corporate objectives and policies. Making your internal control system process-based gives you flexibility and improves transparency and consistency.
  • Legacy API Modernization – Help navigate the changes from the antiquated transport protocols to the newer generation more secure connectivity for your systems.

UI / UX Design

Intuitive and responsive user experience is necessary for products to be effective. Innovative User Experience design increases user productivity and satisfaction. We utilize user research along with human-centric designs to create better user experiences. The typical process that we follow in our user experience journey include the following:

  • Wireframes – We help conceptualize the web or mobile app by understanding the user interactions. It will typically provide an idea of the structure, content, and functionality of the application.
  • UI Concepts – UI concepts (or mockups) are the skin. A UI concept includes color schemes, layouts, typography, and the overall style of the product.
  • Prototype – The purpose of the prototype is to show the workflow and the usability of the product and provide a demonstration of the way to achieve the desired business process.
  • Design handoff – The finalized design is handed off to the development team to implement the application.


Enterprise applications succeed when they seamlessly integrate with external and internal systems, leveraging as much functionality and data as possible. We can deliver multiple integration solutions to ensure seamless and secure data interchange with other applications through multiple ways:

  • APIs from Third-party Apps – Utilize best practices to integrate custom built, open-source and third-party APIs to interface disparate applications, enterprise platforms and processes, and synchronize data across applications
  • Data Integration – Design automated integration services for merging data in disparate data stores and formats, consolidating business process data and information while ensuring data integrity

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) requires many key tasks including data preparation, variable identification, determining factors that are important to the model, trying out different algorithms, creation of code for model deployment, model training and tuning, validation / verification of results. Our AI & ML solutions can be categorized into one of the three following categories.

  • Process Automation   – Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can automate manual tasks and perform them many times faster than humans, however it requires strict business rules. We improve process automation with Machine Learning (ML). The solution works with probabilities instead of business rules based on the interpretation of input data instead of business rules, thereby allowing the introduction of certain fuzzy cases, which normally do not fit into rules and require manual intervention.
  • Analytics & Insights – As data continues to proliferate in organizations there is an increasing need to understand its implications through the generation of insights. We help companies to generate predictive models that can provide insights into what might happen to the KPI in the future and provide actionable analytics that can enable employees and customers to take actions that drive business results.
  • Recommendations & Personalization – companies understand that recommendations and personalization have a powerful effect in closing business with prospective customers or increase the share of business with existing customers. We can help companies build and deploy recommendation and personalization models that will be tailored to your business.

Reporting & Visualization

Organizations that depend on spreadsheets to track data and reporting find it a very cumbersome process for decision-making. We can help organizations build platforms for self-service reporting and data visualizations that can combine data from multiple sources, in different formats and in real-time to unlock the value of data and gain different business perspectives.

  • Self Service Reporting – We allow the user of the reporting platform to access required data and insights without having to depend on the IT department. It enables them to find, filter, drill-down, aggregate data they need whenever required and enables data-driven decisions.
  • Data Visualizations – Through our data visualization services, we enable users to get easy access to graphical charts, tables, informative graphs, maps etc. allowing them to look at a large data set in better perspective. The charts are very interactive can be easily used by the decision makers by getting to the relevant information through drill-down, filters, comparators, etc.


Process-driven DevOps removes bottlenecks in software development and deployment by ensuring agile delivery. Through our automated solutions we can streamline the processes for product delivery from software development, quality assurance to IT operations thereby enabling you to be agile and respond to the market quickly. We provide the following DevOps services to improve the overall operational performance in Software Product Engineering

  • Automated Provisioning – We can help completely automate the creation and scaling of cloud infrastructure required for the Product based on certain rules and logic. The servers can be scaled and descaled in minutes to meet the performance characteristics
  • Containerized Environments – Assist to containerize the environments so that the setup of the environments can be error free. The configurations can be managed as code and any configuration issues can be avoided
  • Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Deployment (CD) – We can help automate the entire process from the entire software development process from code checked in by the developer through to deployment of the code. This will allow for high quality builds that go through checks and balances before they are deployed.