Business and IT Alignment

Business strategies only succeed when the required business capabilities and the technology delivered by IT meet these demands. Business Capability Planning and IT Portfolio Management must both be executed in parallel to achieve business flexibility and to transform your competitive advantage. Business Transformation will change the way your company operates and the insight provided by Process Mining will create opportunities to lower costs and focus on critical activities to drive Process Automation.

Architecture Frameworks

Enterprise Frameworks are fundamental for managing business processes and technologies across your entire organization. Although most companies believe what they do is unique – in fact less than 5% of every business is truly differentiating. Every company must organize, manage, and structure their guiding principles to establish a common practice for identification, representation and analysis using business processes.

Successful frameworks include several common elements:

  • Business Process Framework this identifies how your organization will manage the enterprise process portfolio
  • Business Process Method / Notation / Artifacts these define the representation of your processes and the key outputs created
  • Business Value Measurement Metrics these identify how the business measures processes and determines their importance
  • Business Process Maturity Model this identifies the roadmap for your process excellence journey in the short and long term
  • Enterprise Communication Model this defines how you share business processes within the organization
  • Business Process Governance Model this defines how you manage process ownership across the entire business

Technology Standards

Effective management of your IT Portfolio relies upon Technology Governance best practices to ensure you maintain alignment with technology standards. Your Enterprise Architecture program should use most practical approach to your achieve architecture initiatives and create real value from the IT Portfolio.