Process Mining  

Enabling transparency and driving operational efficiencies begins with understanding the challenges in executing your business processes. Reactive, untimely and inaccurate reporting does not deliver the right capability to enable business flexibility and identify real-time drivers for actions that companies need to meet the new competitive landscape. Across different industries we have identified some of the most common solutions for Process Mining including:

  • Cash Flow Optimization (AR/AP) 
  • Procurement / Supply Chain
  • IT Service Management
  • Execution Governance

Smart, pro-active and real-time Process Intelligence is the real force behind Process Mining Solutions. Enabling process discovery, identifying bottlenecks and diagnosing issues to make better decisions and is the core capability that every company must have to survive. The VEA team delivers solutions and services to change your entire perspective including:

  • Real-time visibility of process health and process efficiency 
  • Identifying performance bottlenecks and cost-drivers
  • Delivering comprehensive view of the enterprise process landscape across multiple systems, products, services and geographies
  • Reducing risks and enabling robust compliance for regulatory requirements
  • Identifying Process Automation opportunities

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Success in delivering strategic business value with technology solutions varies widely across most organizations. The rapidly evolving practice of robotic process automation (RPA) is the new game-changer for business competition by using software bots to automate highly repetitive, routine tasks normally performed by human workers. Identifying execution challenges with Process Mining and Process Modeling are only part of the solution to Business Transformation.

Delivering solutions that create opportunities to accelerate, automate and improve the quality of business processes are the most important elements to meeting current market challenges. Effective process automation requires the identification of key candidates that will drive business value such as:

  • Which processes would drive the most business benefit from automation? 
  • Which processes have obvious problems?
  • Which processes are high cost or high volume?
  • Which processes suffer from customer dissatisfaction?
  • Which processes require significant manual intervention?
  • Which processes require employees to make decisions manually?
  • Which processes contain inconsistent errors or apply the wrong policies?

Process Modeling

Business Process Management technologies provide the common language for communication between business stakeholders, business analysts and IT. Developing Business Process Excellence as your strategic organizational capability with an effective Center of Excellence (CoE) provides the blueprint for full process lifecycle management including Process Mining and Process Automation. Full visibility from end-to-end value streams and detailed process flows with Process Modeling drives the creation of real business value at every level. VEA delivers structured methodology and offers expert guidance throughout the entire process lifecycle from project management, workshop facilitation and training to process analysis, execution optimization, and enterprise governance.

Success with business process models depends upon the use of common standards (business notation) and user experiences to support sharing of information across the enterprise. All business processes depend on People, Process, Information and Technology:

  • People in your organization require the experience and ability to design, analyze, improve and manage process excellence
  • Process for implementing an effective BPM program requires an understanding of what your organization does and how it impacts the business and key objectives
  • Information shared by the processes of your organization must be consistent. Data standardization can only be achieved through centralized process governance
  • Technology your organization uses to deliver business solutions and meet challenges includes various platform to enable program and project delivery.

Application Portfolio Rationalization

Companies must meet the strategic goals of improving efficiency, reducing complexity, and lowering total cost of ownership (TCO) for the IT Portfolio. Full visibility into the catalog of technologies begins with identifying business application owners and the business roadmap to align Technology Lifecycles. The VEA360 Solution for IT Portfolio Management will accelerate your ability to effectively support Business and IT alignment. Our experienced team has successfully enabled companies to achieve results and meet various IT challenges. The five most common business use cases we have solved for our clients include:

  • Application Portfolio Scoring 
  • Technology End-of-Life (Retirement) Analysis
  • Business Capability Management
  • Cloud Migration and Planning
  • Security and Technology Risk

Cloud Migration Planning

Every company in the digital age must assess the value provided by moving technology solutions to the Cloud. Building the strategic roadmap for the IT Portfolio to understand the common architectures, platforms, security requirements and operational support needs are delivered by the VEA Solution for IT Portfolio Management. Our team can provide the strategic expertise to support the assessment of the following:

  • Cloud Strategy to capture your adaptability to cloud services and the availability of applications that can be cloud-enabled
  • Portfolio Scoring to assess the capabilities of your existing technology solutions in terms of usability, security, scalability, automation and disaster recovery
  • Technology Roadmaps to provide executive visibility for solution delivery now and several years into the future to align with Business Capabilities