Portfolio Rationalization

All companies depend upon the IT Portfolio to support Business Capabilities and drive competitive advantage. Over time this often results in complex, inflexible, and costly application landscapes with redundant processes and technology solutions. Eliminating these inefficiencies and duplications can lower IT spending, reduce system fragmentation and greatly improve service quality. IT Portfolio Rationalization enables you to deliver key insights for your business stakeholders and offers direction for programs and projects to support Business Transformation. Successful companies can identify the Business and IT owners to participate in this transformation process to prioritize the focus areas for your rationalization efforts. The VEA360 Solution for IT Portfolio Management delivers rapid results with capabilities to manage the Application Landscape:

Technology Lifecycle (End of Life)

Every technology in your portfolio has a lifecycle that must be managed to effectively support the Business. From initial Pilot to Full Deployment and eventually Retirement you need the visibility to manage your technology risks and inform the business. Managing your IT Portfolio must include the regular assessment of existing and future technologies to support several key objectives:

  • Developing Technology Modernization Roadmaps  to support current and future vision for business capabilities and technology solutions
  • Managing Vendor Solutions to align product and technology lifecycles with business requirements
  • Supporting IT Planning by pro-actively informing the Business about Technology lifecycles and to reduce unplanned upgrades

Technical Debt (Portfolio Scoring)

Technical debt is something that all companies continue to acquire year after year. Variable budgets and delivery expectations lead organizations to make short-term tactical decisions that may significantly increase cost and resource requirements in the future. Managing the IT Portfolio and effectively identifying strategies to reduce or eliminate technical debt. The VEA360 Solution for IT Portfolio Management ensures you have the capability to implement a consistent Scoring Methodology and Framework to be successful.

Cloud Migration Planning

Today’s hybrid technology solutions are driving the migration to cloud-based providers (SaaS) to replace many existing on-premise client solutions. The explosion in connections between your services and which services depend on other services continues growing, especially for large complex applications. By clearly defining cloud-solution requirements and determining migration priorities you can manage the IT Portfolio throughout the course of your cloud migration initiatives. The VEA360 Solution for IT Portfolio Management can effectively support key decisions and technical assessments to:

  • Establish Cloud KPIs to measure and compare solutions
  • Capture Performance Baselines to provide foundation for analyzing progress
  • Prioritize Migration Activities by identifying critical dependencies and business challenges set by stakeholders

Business and IT Capability Planning

As the pace of business accelerates with fierce competition and higher customer expectations the flexibility to change, innovate and enable digital transformation falls upon senior IT executives. Shared perspectives between Business and IT ensure you establish the common language and framework to support the identification and prioritization of business requirements and deliver effective technology solutions. Your ability to meet this difficult challenge can be accelerated with the VEA360 Solution for IT Portfolio Management to:

  • Define and Assess Business Capabilities
  • Align Capabilities to the Technology Portfolio
  • Break down “Silos” and enable the Capability-centric organization
  • Focus investment and internal resources on Core Capabilities that enable              competitive advantage and outsource other common Capabilities.
  • Manage the IT Portfolio to leverage standardization and re-use to reduce costs    and increase business flexibility

The VEA360 Solution for IT Portfolio Management for Business Capability Mapping will also bring clear understanding to your organization to answer key questions such as:

  • What does the business do right now and what needs to be done to meet            current and future challenges?
  • Are business stakeholders involved in strategic technology decisions?
  • Can we support business innovation and potential mergers & acquisitions?
  • Can we assess technology risk and respond to our new pace of business            change?
  • Do we have clear understanding of the business with a common platform for        planning and strategic decision-making to execute successfully?